Who is Angie Wilson?

Fussy Cutters Club by Angie Wilson - Cut up your favorite fabrics with intention! Learn how to look at your stash with new eyes and piece together the best bits, like making a colorful collage of your favorite things. Use templates to zero in on motifs and create secondary patterns from your fabrics, fussy cutting for color as well as design. Try your hand at 14 fun projects from traditional and improv piecing to English paper piecing.I was born in 1977 in a town in Queensland, Australia called Mount Isa. I moved to Townsville, Queensland when I was three and grew up surrounded by sun, fishing and tropical living. I didn’t see much of it. I instead loved to hide out in my room reading books, magazines, watching television and daydreaming. I took sewing as part of my compulsory home economics class in high school and to say I flunked would be a generous retelling.

In 2002 I moved to Canberra, Australian Capital Territory as part of my work with the Australian Public Service. Here I met the love of my life, gave birth to my son and found my passion in life. In 2010 my Nana gifted me her sewing machine and I suddenly found myself with an uncontrollable urge to create those quilts that I had fallen in love with in television, magazines and movies.

I took a beginners quilt course and was told by the instructor at the second lesson that I should consider another craft. Despite her vote of confidence I persisted and a year later I took another beginners quilt class (after failing to finish the first) and I found a teacher who had the patience to teach me to love quilting the way that she did. I finished that class and embarked on an amazing journey through fabric.

My obsession grew and in 2016 I quit my job of 20+ years and set out to make my mark on the world through the two things I love; writing and creating. I write at www.GnomeAngel.com where I share my creative journey and inspire and encourage people to follow their creative dreams.

If I had to sum up the defining characteristics of my work in three words they would be: fussy cutting, colour and fun. (Ok, that’s four but I see “fussy cutting” as one word.) I love fussy cutting. I love the way it allows me to express myself, I love the joy it brings when others see it and I love just having fun with fabrics. I think I’m not alone when it comes to a love of Fussy Cutting and that’s why I think that there’s an unspoken club out there in the world of fussy cutters and if this club had to have a name it would be called “Fussy Cutters Club”.